Garden of the Eckertweg

Our garden is quite large, at approximately 1500m2 and we like to use it often in the summer. In our central location, this is a luxury that is not often found and that we enjoy to the fullest.

In the garden there is a slackline, a pull-up bar, a large trampoline, a swing, and a hammock. Perfect conditions for strenuous learning phases and a bit of fresh air and distraction in between.

A few years ago, we built some raised beds in which tomatoes, vegetables, strawberries, and herbs, among other things, thrived and filled part of our refrigerators at harvest time. There are also some currant, blackberry, gooseberry, and raspberry bushes, as well as some apple and walnut trees. All proceeds can, of course, be enjoyed together.

In addition, we have other mature trees, a large lawn, and a pond, which makes our garden our own little Garden of Eden. There is plenty of seating and several barbecue areas to spend an evening or two with friends and roommates in the fresh air.