Hi there, we are the party club of the Eckertweg dormitory.

Own Events

Once a semester, we have a big private party with the help of the whole dormitory.

In winter, the party cellar is decorated to match the motto.

In summer, we also use our driveway and outdoor area, which we often redesign and decorate to match our motto.

If you want to take part in our big party, you can contact the members of the party group or your friends in the dorm.


We also offer our party room for rent. Our facilities include:

  • Basic equipment: bar, drinks cooler or freezer, sink
  • Audio technology: PA system
  • Lighting technology: LED spotlights, effect spotlights, black lights, smoke machines
  • Entertainment: table football, pole dancing

If you want to celebrate your own party in our party cellar, you can contact us (at least two weeks before your party) with your desired date.

We only rent out the party room on Fridays and Saturdays.

During the exam phase we do not rent out our basement ..

E-mail: eckertparty@googlegroups.com

The costs:

  • Rent 80€
  • Deposit 150€
  • Maximum number of guests: 120 people

Best regards, the party AG