On two floors and in a small, shared apartment, 57 students live together in our dormitory. We are not a big, anonymous dormitory, but we attach importance to a good living environment in which each individual is involved.

We manage and design our common rooms and the network ourselves and, of course, depend on the help of our fellow residents to accomplish these tasks.

Apart from this "work,” however, there are also many joint activities that characterize dormitory life at least as much. Game nights, sports, cooking together or a weekend in the Eifel—all this contributes to a good life together, where everyone gets to know each other quickly

The dormitory is owned by the diocese of Aachen and managed by the Studentenwerk der katholischen Hochschulgemeinde Aachen e.V.


With a few exceptions, the dorm rooms are about 10 m2 in size and equipped with a bed, desk, shelves, and a large built-in closet. A sink is also located in each room. Showers and toilets are located in sufficient numbers in the corridors.

Both floors have a large, modern kitchen, which of course is primarily used for cooking but also serves as the most important "meeting place" for the residents.

Apart from that, there are various rooms in Eckertweg that make life more pleasant and easier. Among other things, we have a well-stocked workroom, our own laundry room, a study room, and a large party room with opportunities to watch movies together, play X-Box, and, as the name suggests, have parties.

In addition, we are fortunate to have a, for the central location certainly almost unique, large garden with old trees, pond, several apple trees and large barbecue area available.

The warm rent for this package is currently approx. 200€, depending on the room size.


As in many other dormitories, rooms are allocated via a central waiting list, which is maintained by our dormitory administrators. When allocating rooms, we pay attention to a balanced ratio of female and male students, as well as German and foreign students. The decision about who will finally move in with us is made in a personal interview or, in exceptional cases, online. All residents are always invited to participate in these interviews.

If you are interested in a room at Eckertweg, please send your application, along with a photo and CV, to the home administration, along with a few lines about yourself and your hobbies.

You can find the application form here.